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Plasma Cutting Machines Accessories, Air Filtration Kit, Filter Cover, Leather Torch Sheathing, System Dust Covers, Operator Face shield, Plasma Cutting Guides, Wheel kit, Gouging Heat Shield, FineCut™ Consumable kits, Powermax All In One Kits, HYPERTHERM Plasma Cutting Machines Accessories, Authorized Distributor, Dealer, Aurangabad, Maharashtra, India

Plasma Cutting Machines Accessories



• Air Filtration Kit

A ready-to-install kit with a 1-micron filter and an auto-drain moisture separator protects against contaminated air.
Air filtration kit
• Filter Cover

Designed to protect the filter from being damaged from impact.
For use on Powermax65/85/105 power supplies.
Filter cover
• Leather Torch Sheathing

Available in 25' (7.6 m) sections, this option provides additional protection for torch leads against burn-through and abrasion.
Leather torch sheathing
• System Dust Covers

Made from a durable denier fabric with a polyurethane coating, a dust cover will protect your Powermax investment for years.
System dust covers
• Operator face shield

Multi-purpose face shield that provides face and eye protection for plasma cutting and gouging applications.
Operator face shield
• Plasma cutting guides

Facilitates consistent and accurate circles and lines.
For optional use as a stand-off guide and in bevel cutting applications.

Plasma cutting guides
•Plasma cutting guides

Pigskin gloves with grain leather palm for excellent sense of touch. Foam back and reinforced thumb.

Leather cutting gloves
• Wheel kit

A complete, pre-assembled kit for added mobility when the machine must be moved.
Wheel kit
• Gouging heat shield

Provides additional protection in gouging operations. For use on the T45v torch.
Gouging heat shield
• FineCut™ consumable kits

FineCut consumables are optimized for high-quality cuts on thin metal for a clean edge and a narrow kerf.
FineCut™ consumable kits
• Powermax all-in-one kits

All-in-one kits provide you with a sampling of all of the consumables available for your Powermax system. Experience the versatility of your system, while purchasing consumables at lower cost.
Powermax all-in-one kits
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